Monthly Archives: April 2010

Kulick Reigns in 2010

Anyone watch the 2010 USBC Queens Tournament stepladder finals on ESPN2 last night? What a broadcast. In the 1st and 2nd matches, just when it looked like Kelly would be packing up her equipment, lady luck smiled on her. Not only did she throw a clutch strike (or two) to force both of her opponents to strike or mark in the 10th, both of her opponents got bad breaks in their 10th frame. But Kelly never gave up, and then went on to convincing wins over her next two opponents to capture the 2010 USBC Queens.

If you missed the broadcast, you can catch up on what you missed from USBC’s web page or facebook page.


Spring has Sprung!

My mother-in-law loves pansies. There’s no telling how many beds of pansies that she has planted over the years. When she moved back here, the place she rents had no landscaping whatsoever. So, this past fall, she put my husband to work. Two long beds along the house. One under the tree near the road. Two beds on either side of the front steps. Every bit of 300 pansy plants or more.

This winter was one of the snowiest on record. The pansies sat under snow for quite a while. No one was sure how they would fare.

Well, they fared just fine, thank you very much. What a beautiful sight it is driving up to her house. The masses of colors just jump out at you. This page is full of pictures, which just don’t do them justice. What a beautiful spring!

We Remember

“The We Remember website provides information about the 32 students and faculty members who were tragically taken from their loved ones and our community on April 16, 2007. They ranged in age from 18 to 76 and represented a variety of academic areas, along with nearly every major faith and ethnic group. We hope that you are able to reflect on the tremendous promise each of them embodied for our world and that you take with you a little of their creativity, intelligence, humility, and humanity when you leave the site.

This site also provides information about online resources, latest news and events, information about the April 16 Memorial, and a link to the Office of Recovery and Support. Live for 32.”

Hummingbirds Return Early

I spotted the first hummingbird of the year yesterday evening. A beautiful male with a bright, bright red throat. It was a short sighting, I noticed something floating next to the ferns that hang on the porch. There is a bird’s nest in one, so I’m used to seeing things flutter around. But this was different. I hurried to the window, and low and behold, there he was feeding on the daffodils. It’s earlier than normal; usually I don’t see the first one for another week or so. But now I’ll be keeping an even more keen eye out for them.