Monthly Archives: May 2010

It felt like Friday … but it’s really only Thursday …

All right, it’s not funny any more. Last week I didn’t know what day it was because I didn’t bowl at all. THIS week, someone stole Friday. Today was supposed to be Friday. I bowled last night, therefore it should be Friday. For 28 weeks during the winter leagues, the day after my last league of the week was FRIDAY. My brain said FRIDAY. My body said FRIDAY. But my phone, my DVR, my computer, my husband, my co-worker Wendy, today’s newspaper and both the local and national news all said it was THURSDAY. I guess I should consider myself lucky to have “two” Fridays rather than “two” Mondays, but still ….. it felt like Friday.


What day is it? Oh, that’s right, it’s Thursday.

So … now that my fall bowling leagues have ended and I don’t start bowling in my summer leagues until next week, how am I supposed to know what day it is? Thankfully this is the only week of no bowling between the fall and summer seasons. It’s really weird not bowling. Starting next week, my bowling nights will be different in the summer than they were in the fall … will I ever know what day it really is until fall bowling begins again? If I do finally get in sync with the new bowling days, what happens when summer leagues end and the fall leagues don’t begin until weeks later? *sigh* I really hate not knowing what day it is …..

Out with the Old, In with the New …

Old ….

Original thermostat

Old outdoor unit

New …

New, fully programmable thermostat

New outdoor unit (compared with the old outdoor unit on the left)