Monthly Archives: June 2010

A Taste of the Dog Days of Summer

Traditionally, the “dog days” were usually in July or August; the most hazy, hot, humid and sultry days of summer. You know, the days where the air is thick enough to cut with a knife. The days when you step outside and the heat and humidity take your breath away. The days where the heat index can reach well over 100. The days the A/C runs constantly just to keep the inside at 78 degrees (let alone anything cooler). The days that outside workers, if they can, start well before daylight so by noon they’ve put in their time. They days that kids, if they were lucky enough, spend the day at or near a pool, river, swimming hole or creek. If they weren’t that lucky, maybe the fire hydrants were opened to provide some relief from the relenting heat.

I know the calendar says it’s not the middle of June yet, but yesterday sure felt like late July or early August, and it seems today is going to be a repeat. 76 degrees with 83% humidity already and it’s not even 9AM yet …. Ugh. And it’s supposed to be this way until at least tomorrow, if not longer.