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Snow? Sleet? Freezing Rain? Rain?

The forecasts for today (1/25/2011) thru tomorrow night (1/26/2011) have been (pardon the pun) all over the map. Listening to the weather radio while getting ready for work, the first Winter Storm Watches for this pending mess were issued. The latest forecast discussion from the RNK NWS has “… will likely result in significant wintry precipitation later tonight and wednesday”. They also note the models have slowed down the timing until tomorrow, with only light precipitation of some sort later today/tonight into tomorrow morning. (I see that the local news outlets are tweeting “bread/milk” alerts too.)

It’s interesting to read the discussions and blogs ahead of this mess. For those of you that are interested or like to follow along, here are some links:


IPv6 Global Trial

From the SANS NewsBites Vol. 13 Num. 4:

The first “global scale trial” of IPv6 is scheduled to take place on June 8, 2011. The event is being coordinated by the Internet Society. For a 24-hour period, participants, including Facebook, Google and Akamai, will make their pages available via IPv6. Companies are being encouraged to switch to IPv6, as it is estimated that IPv4 addresses will run out by the end of this year. The event is aimed at raising awareness of the necessity of the shift from IPv4 to IPv6 and will also allow participants to identify and address problems. Internet users do not need to do anything special for the switch and are unlikely to experience problems, although a small fraction of users may encounter issues with misconfigured or misbehaving home network devices.


The Drive Home

Driving down Route 311 on our way home from bowling tonight. Intermittent snow showers, but nothing like places to the west and north have gotten/will be getting.

January Snow Showers

Snow showers over Salem.