Nine Eleven

It’s hard to believe it was 10 years ago that the World Trade Centers were destroyed, the Pentagon was hit, and a thwarted hijacked plane went down in a field in Pennsylvania. There are a lot of images and sounds that still stick with me to this day. Watching as a second plane hit the towers. Paper floating and fluttering everywhere. Seeing desperate people jump. Smoke billowing from the Pentagon. The towers collapsing: first one, then the other. A huge hole in the Pennsylvania countryside. People covered in dust emerging from the chaos on the streets. The eerie sound of hundreds of ADSUs. But the one thing that really struck me that day was the silence on my drive home from work that afternoon. I pulled to the side of the country road I was on, opened all the windows and shut off the car. Nothing. I got out and walked a little ways down the road. Still nothing. Not one streak in the blue, blue sky; not one bird tweeting or chirping; not one flying insect to be seen; not even a slight breeze stirred. Just absolute stillness.


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