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AMF’s Disappointing Decision and Questions They Will Probably Never Answer

This is extremely disappointing. “After spending most of the summer learning and trying out the new oiling machine at hilltop and then picking four patterns to rotate around for this season, they came and did their inspection of the center and informed jerry that he can not change the shot. Its a shame that we cant change the shot every month like we had planned. If you have any questions or comments please see jerry or comment on his page.” When asked why, “they told jerry that they wanted to please the majority of bowlers not just a low percentage.” And when asked “What about if a league votes for changing the shot once a month, would it be allowed then?” the answer is still “no”.

Not to take anything away from open bowlers, but most have no clue about oil and oil patterns. Unless there is no oil whatsoever and they can’t keep the ball on the lanes, or there is so much oil that their hand and clothes get soaked, they could care less about the oil pattern.

So what gives, AMF? Who are you considering as “the majority of bowlers”? What is the point of having an upgraded oil machine if you can’t use it to it’s full potential? Why can’t an individual house change a shot if their leagues have asked for it? Why does a league have to be considered a “sport shot” or “practice” league in order to have the shot changed? Why are you so determined to turn off league bowlers?