Really?!? Seriously!?!

Was that young deer THAT much of a threat that you had to kill it out of season? I didn’t like it when they ate my long-stemmed roses years ago. I didn’t like it when they ate all my nice, expensive hostas that I had planted out in the yard. I definitely didn’t like it when they finally resorted to eating the ones at my front porch that had grown, untouched, since before we bought this house some 20+ years ago. I’m also not terribly happy they got into our tomatoes this year before we were able to try to deer-proof them. But really. Seriously??? If it was injured or sick and you did it for humane reasons, I might understand. If it was eating your plants or your garden, there are other ways to deter them. I sincerely hope it wasn’t just a tee-hee-ha-ha moment for you, done out of sport or meanness. What I truly can’t, don’t, won’t and will never understand, though, is why you disposed of it in the creek. Or, if it ran there after you shot it, why you didn’t retrieve it and dispose of it properly. A decomposing animal does not give off a very pleasant smell. Not quite as bad as a skunk, but on hot days it’s bad enough in it’s own right. And once there was nothing left but bones and rancid meat, one of my dogs would happily bring us the pieces almost daily. If she was caught quick enough, we could dispose of the piece(s) before she managed to swallow any of it. If not, it ended up in my house somewhere AFTER she ate it. Yuck. THAT smell is WORSE than a decomposing animal. So, thank you very much. May your actions come back to haunt you one day.


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