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Lenticular Clouds over Roanoke

There were some really spectacular lenticular clouds in the sky as I left the bowling center yesterday evening. I really should have pulled over and gotten clear shots, the subtle pastel colors were absolutely beautiful. I did manage to get two mediocre shots from the parking lot of the store, one before going in and one after coming out. It’s pretty obvious from the light poles and wires that this particular cloud hadn’t moved or changed much in the 30 minutes between shots. WDBJ7Weather posted a twitter link to much better photos taken by Michael Kline at the Roanoke Airport (not too far from where I took these).


Summer Sunrise

The only clouds in the sky this morning were right where the sun rises.

Dawn (2011-04-20)

Cellphone pictures just don’t do justice. Spectacular dawn this morning.

If You Don’t Like The Weather, Just Wait …

Springtime in Blacksburg. How can I tell? Monday afternoon at the bus stop it was every bit of 80 degrees and windy. Tuesday (yesterday) afternoon it was in the 30’s and still very windy. Today, it was almost 60 with just a slight breeze. The saying is true … if you don’t like the weather, you won’t have to wait long for it to change.